An infill property simply refers to a lot that currently has a building on the land. Many people that are looking to build a custom home only consider empty lots for their custom dream home, but infill properties provide a number of benefits and should not be overlooked.

The biggest advantage of an infill property is that you’re not confined to neighborhoods with empty lots. You can build a custom home in an established neighborhood or in an area undergoing revitalization. By not being limited to only empty lots, your custom home can be built in an area that’s close to your job, school or family.

Additionally, it’s not much more expensive to build a custom home in Toronto on an infill property. The cost to remove an existing structure is usually only a small part of the overall budget and doesn’t pose a serious financial concern.

When looking for the perfect space to build your custom home, don’t overlook the benefit of an infill property. If you have questions about finding the perfect space to build your home, let Kingsgate Luxury Homes help. We have the experience to help you find the perfect lot to build your dream home and will be there every step of the way to ensure that your vision turns into reality.

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